22:15 (Mins:Sec)

I am the ultimate in alpha aggression, smacking my muscle just makes me more dominant. Physically see the handprints form on my body as I display my physique.

There is no movement in my muscle, a sign of zero fat, zero weakness.

I oil up my god like frame let it drip down my monstrous pecs and slide down my shredded abs. I apply plenty to my bulging veiny biceps before I show off like the alpha hunk I am.

I shake my body, my hips, my chest and even my cock, the pure aggression flowing through me makes me hard in no time.

You get to see the oil drip down and through my tight white pants revealing my hot horny cock.

See me covered in oil, still aggressive, still flexing, pumping my cock hard till I cum a huge shot straight into my mouth, which tastes of pure masculinity.