It’s been a while since i’ve had my bulge worshiped up close.

Spence has missed my body. My to die for Pecs, Biceps Abs + Deltoids.. But these are just icing on the cake.

My fat cock in some tight red bodybuilding posers creating the perfect muscle bulge.. Now this just does it for both of us…

As your viewpoint gets lower and lower, my body domination gets stronger and more POWERFUL.

The position I like to be inspected up close is you down on your knees, and me up above.

With incredibly dominant, powerful verbal I control you into worshiping my entire body, before he gets the privilege of my bulge.

As I dab on the oil, my muscles continue to glisten – all focusing in on my hot bulge.

As I gyrate my hips, my bulge moves with it… As I get turned on, I demand you are too.

Experience physical and verbal jerk off commands to end your worship session one lucky fucking boy.

I want you to suck my bulge, lick my bulge – take the essence embrace it then cum allover my big bulging pecs.

Oh, and these posers were sent straight to Spence, freshly coated in my god essence.

Full Video 11:00 (Mins:Sec)