24:20 (Mins:Sec)

I am the hunter and you are my prey, I catch you where you least expect it, safely in your bedroom in the middle of the night. That’s where and when I like to hunt my men.

I am wearing my sexy PVC Vampire attire, my fangs only come out when i’m ready to bite. So to begin with, you do not know I have the ability to take your free will.

You are resistant at first but you are soon overcome with desire for me, you want me so badly, you want my muscle and you want to be owned by me. Especially when I threaten to turn everyone dear to you if you resist…

I go animalistic, hungry and I unleash they inner beast which just completely controls your life body and soul.

I have you service me before I turn you, because I want my cock sucked before you grow your own fangs, but once you’ve sucked me dry, the draining begins.