15:01 (Mins:Sec)

You are the Prince of Sparta! I am your loyal bodyguard stationed just outside your room.

You start of by asking a question or two about my loyalty, I tell you that I am the best there is, and i’m willing to prove it!

After some hugely vascular show off flexing you ask me to take off my cape and show you again why I am the best bodyguard in Sparta!

The questions start to differ, this time you ask if I am married, or seeing anyone? Of course I reply I am the bodyguard to the Prince of Sparta and have no time to devote to a relationship…

You ask to see my sword, but not the sword locked away in the garrison, you want to see my other sword, after I finally figure it out, I realise that my fighting skill set is not the only reason you have me as your personal bodyguard.

You want to see my cock, you want to see my cock in action. How can I refuse an opportunity to show off my skills?