You have ordered a pizza from your local, where your a favourite – So you get your favourite HUNK to HAND deliver you your pizza!

Turning up in a tight vest, smart trousers but a sexy bottomless pair of pants underneath I get straight in the door and STRAIGHT to business.

I quickly realise you don’t even want the pizza.. You just Wanted me, the sexiest muscle hunk going in your apartment hallway.

You have noticed me in the shop for a LONG Time, wanting to see whats underneath, but now its just you me and the pizza, I can finally show you.

Stripped down to my backless pants, I quickly drench my self in oil, begging you to feel me close up, tensing, twitching kissing and exploding every muscle in my body

Cocky, aggressive, panting swearing HUNK straight to your door…

Full Video 10:49 (Mins:Sec)