Perfect Pecs Make Great Pits



Straight from the gym straight to your eyes.

Pumped pecs, Vascular body, MANLY pits.

I would prefer if you address me is Master Joshua right now, due to my physique being in unbelievable standard, and character having more power behind it than ever.

I have been wearing my bottomless jock all day, and plan to wear it for the rest of the day, why? Because I fucking can.

I need to be released, I need to be worshiped – I think the word I’m looking for is tender loving care

My perfect pecs needs the perfect pair of male lips to run tenderly kiss them, suck on them…

Whilst taking in the aroma of my manly, musky pits.

It is impossible to not submit to the combination of my perfect pecs and great pits.

I excrete this manly pheromone which makes me more ALPHA than anyone else, especially post workout when I’ve thrown crazy heavy weights around like they were nothing

Be in awe at the adonis statue that’s in front of you right now.. I know your loving it, I know your dick is hard as a nail, and fuck I expect CUM!

Full Video 10:10 (Mins:Sec)