Pumped, and SHREDDED. The only way I want to be for you.

I am feeling PARTICULARLY Naughty , my nipples are perk, my pecs are pumped and wearing my hot grey track suit…

Everyone wants a bad boy in front of them, a bad boy knows how to make your sexual urges BLOW.

My HOT pecs are getting your cock hard without even trying, but I’ve got a surprise for you.

I want to get right on top of your body and GYRATE my way to our joined CUMSHOTS baby.

I want you to sit in front of me, and RELAX.

I turn on the music and watch my magic hips go, my muscular frame gyrates from side to side.

I moan, I seduce and I need a hand rubbing in some moisturiser… Then i turn it up a NOTCH or SIX!

I see your eyes light up more and more, I see you bite your lip I see your dick STAND up for me to RIDE…

I can’t control myself, I need to turn the music off because I need you to really hear how loud I am moaning for YOU!


14:21 (Mins:Sec)