21:15 (Mins:Sec)

After you watch this I will own you, you are mine to command. The amount of powerful oiled up hard cock flexing I do here, no man could resist. Why should you be any different?

I love it when you are a fully compliant, not a pretender, during this I am your master. in fact I am your god!

You will obey every wish and command that I have, which of course involves begging for my bulging muscles and throbbing cock.

You want for my bulge, you need for my muscles. You live to serve me and only me.

Do you urge to be controlled? After this, I will control you now and forever.

Your wishes don’t go unanswered, my massive bulging body is drenched with baby oil in preparation for your worship, I have you stand back and admire my massive cock as I pump it till I cum.