10:32 (Mins:Sec)

It’s lovely to see you, it’s been way too long.. It’s too bad you’ve got bad news to tell me!

Your boyfriend has just finished you, How fucking dare he!

Fuck him, your better than him, I’ve always liked you…

Step your standards higher, it’s a bit hot in here, let me take of my top.

Can you notice the difference? I’ve been growing 😉

Your Ex Boyfriends loss is my gain, I love everything about you.

Especially the way you look at my biceps 😉

Forget about your Ex, think about your rebound. I am here, and I want you.

Strip me down, adore my body. And i’ll give you the privilege of being the man on my arm…

It’s not long before my cock is as happy to see you as I am.. BOING 😉