Your very own naked personal muscle model, fresh from the gym, fresh from the cat walk and photo shoots coming up.

I’m your VERY own muscle model, I don’t want to show of my big bulging pecs, arms for ANYONE else.

Only you know how to worship them how I like…

I oil up for you, my glistening muscles are in front of you, just me and you in my private area…

I want to make you happy, I want to make you smile, I share my intimate modelling stories as I undress and oil up every inch of my naked body.

After the thought of you caressing my body, I can’t help but strip naked, and my cock is already as hard as a nail, for you.

I continue to show off, glistening like a god standing intront of you with an ADONIS cock standing to attention..

My gigantic tennis ball biceps begin to control you, I want you to cum, I want to see you cum and I want it to mix it with my own..

I don’t think resistance is an option…

Full Video 11:14 (Mins:Sec)