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With my brand new leather gloves on I spark up a cigarette feeling more alpha than ever, STRAIGHT from the gym muscles as pumped as they get.

I lose my clothes quicker than the eye can see, my dominating verbal mouth has you exactly where I want you, waiting for me to finish my smoke…

I have you on your knees in front of me, worshipping me while I take off all my clothes, the mixture of the smoke and the leather gloves gives me an INSTANT hard cock, a hard cock that WILL NOT GO DOWN.

The more verbal, dominating I am, the harder it seems to get.

The feel of the leather gloves sliding up and down my massive cock is enough to make me bust, bust right in your face.

Even after my massive finish, I remain hard, I remain dominant and I continue to flare of my muscle bound body while you at at disbelief at how my power has no limits..