20:57 (Mins:Sec)

I’m all about the hidden muscle, the pre emptive strike, all about not letting know anyone know my hand before I reveal it, one of my main tools you know all too well about.

But during my office hours I may be wearing a shirt that’s baggy, discrete, let people think they have an upper hand over me but secretly I know, and you know what fucking sexy massive set of pecs I have ready to unleash underneath this shirt.

I know as I take my glasses of, I am half way to becoming a bad, bad man ready to take whatever he wants from whoever he wants.

You can tell i’m a wide man, you can tell i’m a powerful man but you can’t tell how fucking shredded I am until each and every button is taken down one by one, as each button comes down you get the sneak peek of whats beneath.

I know i’m a glorious alpha male, and I know i’ve got pecs that can control you, so what do I want?

I want to unbutton my shirt, apply just the right amount of oil and be that happy smiley muscle boy you always want me to be, I know I’ve got you exactly where I want you with my pecs.

As I unbutton my chinos and reveal you to my big thick hard cock I start to run out of words and my thoughts are just populated by how much my pecs control you, I know what I get what I want out of you and that turns me on more than ANYTHING!

I jerk harder, faster more furiously but my pecs tell you, you CANNOT cum yet, I make you cum edge, my pecs make you cum edge. My pecs do not allow you to cum until I am ready to cum, when the moment is right, all the cum edging pays of and the orgasm between us is INTENSE!