You are my ASPIRING tutor even though I am progressing EVERYDAY in the gym. Or should I say surpassing.

I still always need your help, to teach me how to act, teach me how to pose and become the bodybuilding stage.

As requested the workout clothes I am wearing are taken off.

I’ve got the guns, the pecs the physique and you’ve got the wisdom & the experience how to put it all together to really COMMAND the bodybuilding stage.

Lycra bottoms on, keeping my bottom half warm on this winters night. I ask you to work around my body and see how I have progressed.. I ask you to inspect my pecs, find the weaknesses let them become my strengths!

I move onto my favourite muscle movements, with guidance from you of course.

This is all fantastic enough but I NEED assurances that you are going to be there for me! Be my man, have my back.

Oh my… Really… Is that how I ensure you come to see me?

Trapped into performing…

Full Video 12:45 (Mins:Sec)