14:23 (Mins:Sec)

Minding my own business in home, I come into my living room as I hear a noise.

I see an intruder, with a gun and I strongly ask him what the fuck does he want?

This intruder points both a gun, and a pendulum at me and demands I watch it. I try to struggle but I’m unable to resist and I’m put under the intruders control.

the intruder has complete control of all of my muscle, body and mind. First he has me pose, before he has my hit my poppers sit back and jerk off.

I don’t want to jerk off but i’m helpless from stopping my self wanking with both hands, I demand to be released from the control but before I know it I find myself tied up and left on my couch covered in bondage tape.

The bondage tape constricts me from head to toe while cum is still dripping out of my freshly serviced cock, is this how he is going to leave me?