11:18 (Mins:Sec)

I saw you looking rather like the stud at the gym, I kind of saw you looking at me, but I couldn’t be sure.

I could see the hints of you wanting to know more, wanting to see underneath my coat, so I invite you back that night.

You’re initially cautious, but as the muscle hypnosis begins you begin to lose control.

Applying oil on my body just further increases the hypnosis I have over you, if you comply with my commands you will have a chance to feel and receive everything!

If I instruct, you comply, you worship, you sniff and you lick!

You never thought you’d be engaging in such up close and personal muscle worship with a real man like me but it turns out it was easy for me to have my way, and you are rewarded by a nice sloppy hot load onto my shredded vascular abs, which I stand up for you to lick clean.