12:07 (Mins:Sec)

I’ve got something to show you and it’s going to get you so fucking jealous, you’re boyfriend told me not to tell you but i’m going to tell you anyway 😉

How much fun I have with him, and this other fucking mate of yours is obvious! They both love my hot fucking body, and they love licking a hot ass like mine all day long!

I know something else of his you want too, which i’ve got right fucking here, a condom full of his thick cum!

It’s the closest you will ever get, watch me lower it into my mouth and play with it with my tongue, before starting to empty it over my body using it as a muscle cum moisturiser. I even have a taste.

You see, I rub it in like this all day long so my pecs end up sexy and shin.

Now the extra special part, how I treat your boyfriend to MY cum! I get my fat cock out, cum into this re-sealable bag ready for your boyfriend to take home to use as his own muscle cum moisturiser!