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It's that time of the month…that's right. Rent is due and I don't have enough money. And the landlord is at the door coming to collect!!

I invite the landlord in… but the landlord tells me he must have the money today..

The landlord keeps looking at my muscles. So, I decide to pay up another way.

I start flexing my biceps, chest, lats and back but the landlord won't change his mind… I decide to take it a little further.

The landlord is really starting to like this and says that he might change his mind…
The flexing turns into heated flexing…heated flexing turns into erotic flexing…
I reveal I am going commando then really ENSURE that the rent is free, reducing it from £675 to 500.. To 300.

With nothing but my own ability to get what I want… with what I have built and was born with……