12:46 (Mins:Sec)

I spot you, I know i’ve met you before but I can’t put my finger on where.. Oh shit, old school buddies! We’ve both just finished our workout and catch up with each other in the locker room when we realise who we are speaking to.

I go on about how much things have changed since school, how much i’ve changed, how much you’ve changed and I start to wonder what you do with your life nowadays?

I am shocked to find out you are a mind controller, and it’s not long before you start to use your skills on me. Before I know it I am frozen solid like a puppet, and you’re the puppet master.

I try to break free but I can’t move, my limbs are now yours. You undress me totally against my will but I’m powerless to stop it.

I find out now that you always wanted to do this to me in school, you always wanted to undress me in school and that’s now why you are a mind controller, just for this very day.

Your in control of me, end it how you wish you did all those years ago.