I am in charge, known as MASTER JOSHUA.

I LOVE being in charge, I love being the hunkiest – the sexiest, and the male that fills out WHATEVER Clothes I am wearing the most.

I love men staring at me thinking ‘I wish I was his man’

If you are with me, in ANY WAY you must learn. I AM IN CHARGE.

I love taking control of every situation with the body I have carved over years and years

I love to apply oil to simply glisten, and watch you fail to resist my shining muscles.

You WILL submit, you WILL do as your told.

When I ask you to kiss my biceps, What do you do?

Even injuries don’t stop me, I am in charge of my own life, my body progression. my SELF PROGRESSION.

You get told to drop your trousers like a good boy… And I expect nothing but a BIG HOT LOAD ON MY ABS…

My giant MUSCLE GOD frame is waiting to pleasure you.. once you’ve admitted I’m in charge.

Full Video 11:13 (Mins:Sec)