Full Video Is 11:35 (Min:Secs)

I am particularly PUMPED… After a chest and tricep session that leaves those wondering how I walked out the gym on two feet and not on four limbs…

I squeeze and squeeze every inch of blood into my massive pecs, I keep cutting I keep growing I keep cutting & keep growing.. All at the same god damn time.. Witness here that little bit of growth happen in-between DAYS not WEEKS not MONTHS!

My Pecs bouncing around, bouncing up and down, entire slabs of muscles shaking with complete control of my chest wall, I DEMAND you to listen to them, infact they demand that you listen on their own..

While I strip out of my tracksuit and rubber pants, the sexual prowess of my pecs continue to bewilder and harden you..

I get the URGE to display in various ways, Oiled up, Heated up, Turned on & under control..

I use them to get what I want and that is for you to cum, you to explode..

I use them as a tool, a tool of masculinity, a tool of an absolute alpha male.

The master of tease becomes the master of domination by pectorals ultimately making YOU hard, ME HARD and YOU blow allover your inferior self…