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There are many things I’ll let you call me, but there is one thing in common. you’l always be giving me the ‘look’ when your speaking to me, whether its the fluttering of your eyes, or the biting of your lips.

Once I see this look, I know I’ve got a specimen ready to submit. I’m packing serious amounts of vascular hairy muscle. and each vascular vein is screaming out for your tongue.

I have you run your tongue up and down every vein on my body, licking my hairy pecs on the way.

My nipples are EXTRA sensitive, so it would be rude for us not to play with them, as soon as you see my pecs, and my nipples being played with you are totally under control.

Where I have you where I want you, what’s better than making you take my big hard cock. When i’m this horny my cum is so tasty… so lets eat some 😉