Id like to use my physique to make you feel that little bit special with my perfect lighting shadowing on my perfect physique…

Look at the size, look at the definition… front to back.. see the contrast

Look at my body head to toe as I groom myself to perfection, see the ab hair come of, and my abs be as rough as a cheese grater..

See every inch of my physique get wet-shaved, shaving fans? this one is for you.. Muscle fans? This one is for you too? Fuck this ones for everyone.

See my pecs thicken as the skin becomes tighter and more visible

Before you know it you’ve witnessed the transformation of muscle hunk to MUSCLE GOD

With my Pits, Pecs, Abs, ‘V Groove’ and below shown in bright bathroom lighting…

Come jump in the shower with me, I can’t shave my own back now can i 😉

Oh I forgot, I don’t think i’ve ever been as VASCULAR as my arms are in this video, pretty sure you could land a plane on my biceps.

Full Video is 13:30 (Mins:Sec)