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My neighbour made a big mistake, trying to look down on me, not giving me the chance I deserved. I saw him in the street one time so I decided to put him in his place in front of him and his girl, I shoulder barged him right on his arse.

He came round the following evening catching me of guard when I was about to drop my towel and have a massive wank (the way I like to end my week). I invited him through to my living room where i was stood in front of him in my towel, I could tell he wanted more as he began to ask me about my routine.

I decided it was time I show him who’s boss in this fucking neighbourhood. Everything about him was inferior to me so I decided to point it out, I ordered him to take all his clothes of so we could compare. There is no comparison, so I told him to get his cock out and wank it!

He stood in front of me helpless with his cock out while I oil myself up and flex my own dick bigger than his. He wanted to touch my vascular arms and feels the veins while he wanked himself of, I let him have none of it. I didn’t let him cum either, I let him edge but thats it.

Only once I was drenched in oil and ready to cum myself did I allow him, but on one condition. Not until I shot my load.

I wanted to cum on his cock while he was still wanking off, so I did!