I am here to make YOU special, SO Special,

I’ve got muscles like you’ve never seen in this universe before, I’m here to give you my BULGING muscles inside my tight lycra uniform.

Is it scaring you, exciting you? every inch of my muscle is so visible in my lycra superman uniform, my pecs jumping out, my bicep veins SCREAMING to be let out.

I am SO strong, I am SO much stronger than ANYONE else it is CLEARLY displayed.

I want you to experience and worship my EPIC body, my GIGANTIC Lats and my ability to throw ANYONE and ANYTHING around

Watch as I over head press MASSIVE weights with EASE

You can see my ABS through my lycra top, its that tight.

I don’t give a fuck, I get the lycra off and the oil out, watch the oil drip down my hairy chest and hairy abs, still so defined, so pumped and so full.

I demand you pinch my bulging glistening oiled up horny nipples now the lycra has let them be free.

It gets hotter by the SECOND.

Grab hold of my arm, let me fly you away from all your problems… I’m Lycra Superman.

11:20 Full Video (Mins:Sec)