14:23 (Mins:Sec)

You’re my long distance boyfriend, while you’ve been away I have been training so, so hard to keep in top shape for when you return! I couldn’t wait to show you my progress, or send you something in the post to remind you of me 😉

I’m wearing the Calvin Klein white boxers and socks that i’m going to be sending straight to you in the post, absolutely drenched in my hard workout sweat.. and even a little special finish of mine on them to seal the deal.

I’ve missed you so much, and you can see this by how hard my cock gets, how quick. I know you like to see my hairy muscles so before I get down to business I show off like I do when it’s just you and me back at mine.

I talk about all the stuff I love to do to you when we are together, and what I like you to do to me 😉 before I finish off with cumming on my white Calvin’s ready to send to you, so you don’t forget me till we are back together again.