15:30 (Mins:Sec)

If you like being told what to do by a massive muscle man in full leather, you’re at the right place.

I can tell by your eyes that I have a hold over you, a hold like nobody else has.

I know your secretly craving to submit to a muscle master like me, a master who knows how to use his strength to get what he wants in life.

I love my leather gloves. The feel and sound of it as I rub my fingers together, can’t be beaten.

I play of your weakness and turn it into my alpha dominance, I get cocky, I get horny and I flex my shredded body.

As I rub my leather fingers around my shredded muscles I can see you getting weaker as you begin to submit.

I wank off with one of my gloves left on, the feel of the leather against my hard throbbing cock is just too much, simply the sight of my shredded body is enough to make you squirm.

I jerk and cum onto my glove, I tease you with my cum covered leather glove because licking it all up and allowing it to slide down the back of my throat.