While at work I was wearing something special, underneath my sexy work uniform lying in wait was a powerful SINGLET i’ve been waiting to unleash.

As I slowly unbutton you can see the hair that has grown on my GINORMOUS PECS. I taunt with them, seduce with them and dominate with them as my juicy nipples remain hidden ready to explode.

My muscular frame is the largest and fullest it’s ever been, I had the most intense workout last night and following it I knew that I NEEDED calories to support the growth that was about to happen. And today here I am stood in front of you DOUBLED in size, my size will have your jaw dropped.

Even so full my vascularity shines through the skin. My big fucking hot pumped veins push along my body hair which i’ve let grow for you, to become even more of the ULTIMATE MALE.

I show off my INCREDIBLE back muscles in my singlet before getting out my favourite past time.. OIL!

I oil up my hairy chest, pecs, biceps + nipples.

Experience intense close ups of the oil dripping down my hairy muscular frame. Drip drip drip of each slab of muscle as it slides its way down my abs, and into non existent underwear 😉

My Juicy nipples are more JUICY than ever, I give you the privilege of licking my juicy nipples clean after you’ve SHOT a massive load across them…

Full Video 10:51 (Mins:Sec)