17:43 (Mins:Sec)

Its a quiet night but this burglar breaks into my house, i mean come on. My house?

What the fuck does he think he is thinking, shouldn’t he have cased out the joint first to see a massive fucking muscle god was waiting for him inside?

Startled by my biceps even fully clothed in a sexy stylish t-shirt I begin to demoralise and Mesmerise the burglar with my god like alpha body.

I use the ultimate trick in my book which is to oil up my massive frame and tense so hard that he is Mesmerise into a weak state of submission.

I treat him like a bad little piggy and humiliate him completely by thrusting my hard cock up his ass, spraying my hot alpha macho cum allover him before ringing the police. Allowing them to arrive while he is covered in my cum, and humiliated. Very much so regretting the house he just broke into.