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Your my straight mate from both work and the gym, but i’m sick hearing about your new girlfriend, especially BOASTING about what she can do, and how she can seduce you by icing your nips.

I can tell your exaggerating the pleasure it gave you, I notice the looks u gave me. especially when I’m PUMPED at the gym, half naked.

I can’t take it anymore, my dominance, aggression takes over and I seduce you – and show you how it’s REALLY done.

I start by very slowly unbuttoning your shirt, while you have to sit and watch. I flex and play with my massive pecs and sexy nipples while continuing to unbutton my work shirt..

I pop my collar like the alpha male I am, and with one button left at the bottom still done up, I start icing my nips slowly and seductively

It’s not long before I notice your dick is hard… Looks like my job is almost done, after we have jerked off together that is. Mission ‘iced nips seduction’ is complete 😉