I am your reward, after your HARD day, HARDER week and HARDEST year.

I want to reward you, I’ve just trained my back in the gym – as hard as I could and came back as QUICK as i could to make sure you had me at my most PUMPED exterior, but what really is warmed up is my interior as I get naughty thoughts about TREATING You

Just like any husband, boyfriend I want to treat you, feed you.. Let you taste me 😉

My guns are especially craving some kisses, I give you the privilege to lick me from head to toe, and I love it so.

You have your all day all night no holds barred passes to my body, Start wherever you want, FINISH however you want. I Just want to make sure everyone wins and you are left with your body shaking, your body tingling.

Every inch of my body is extra juicy, my guns, my nipples and my PECS are just warming me up before I share my dick with you..

As you kiss me, I get harder, as I get harder I get more rewarding, before you know it – you have my ALL, my body heart & soul

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