19:36 (Mins:Sec)

A night in with me is always full of passion, especially when i’ve got a new toy to play with.

I take off my wool jumper, take of my vest and show you my big muscular vascular body which has been waiting for you all night long.

It’s so tight, almost as tight as you are 😉 I lick the hole slowly, carefully to warm you up..

I’m super passionate with your hole, maybe even a little rough but this is before my cock’s anywhere near it. I’m still licking and fingering it having the fucking time of my life experiencing such tightness 😉

I show you how I’d fuck you and how I’d pleasure you. From slow to fast, from shallow to deep. See my cock inch in and out of my hot new fleshlight, before I have the biggest cum shot of my life… And ask you to lick it all up from my shredded god like abs.