14:24 (Mins:Sec)

Welcome round, i’ve just finished training as I know you like to see me when i’m pumped up.

How’s your week been? It’s about to get a whole lot better 😉

I’m going to take your stresses away by pounding you into the ground, grinding my cock around that sexy arse of yours.

I can’t wait, usually I ask you to worship my bodybuilder frame, but I’m so horny all I can’t stop myself from ripping of my clothes and displaying my horny power.

All I ask is you compliment me, as I tower over you compliment my body, compliment my shoulders and biceps and pecs. Make me feel sexy and watch how big my dick gets

All this talk just gets me so fucking horny, you know what I do when I get horny?

I give you the fuck of your life, my grinding ability is unmatched. I tease you with my big fat muscle cock, as I grab you by the hands and push you down on the bed, keeping you there while I have my way.