17:22 (Mins:Sec)

I need to see a car salesman at short notice because of an accident that was no fault of my own! The end requirement is I require new transportation!

I start with a breakdown of my story, why I am here to see you today. I explain it well and it is exactly how it went merely a few weeks ago.

With the incident all sorted ( and of course I dealt with it in an extremely alpha dominant way ) I’m here to see you for a no nonsense approach to my next car.

I’m disappointed at the rates you first offer at first for the car I want, in fact I have to take my glasses off as this conversation is about to get more serious.

Ask yourself, do I look like a mug? Do I look like an inferior man who can walk away from a deal without getting the best one? All I need to do is work out what you want to see, what you need to hear.

I notice you can’t stop staring at my chest, I think you’re trying to see my nipples through my shirt.

Now I know this, you’re putty in my hands. One button is undone after another revealing my massive pecs and as I bounce them in front of your eyes. I hear your deal get better and better.

Shutting your office door, I turn it up a notch. My big fat cock comes out and I drench my shredded naked body with baby oil I see on the counter.

With my huge pecs, shredded abs and bulging fat cock in front of your face how do you expect to resist? Of course I get the deal that I want!