Curious Guy Explores Muscle Body



19:43 (Mins:Sec)

Practicing my bodybuilding routine in my living room, I notice you walking past one time too often, peering through my window! After a couple of times, I decide to invite you in.

You’re eyes are so curious whilst staring at me, you look like you want to explore my muscle? The term you’re looking for is muscle worship.

I’m not posing to anyone else, right now. Just to myself, doing my routine which will win me a trophy and the glory!

I splash so much oil on every inch of my body, and give you a up close and personal exploration of every inch of my muscle.

I know you like it, I want you to feel it, I want you to lick my muscle, my sweat!

Run your hands up and down my whole body, my brick like muscles – let my abs go between your fingers.

When I show off, I get horny. You don’t mind do you? I’ve been saving my cum for a little while.. You might want to stand back – because it’s going to be a fucking fountain of spunk.