Panting, sweating out of breath i am freshly HIGH in heart rate just for you

I love the NATURAL forms of cardio vascular.. sex 😉 but what it has done to my body is god like.

As I walk down the high street, in my tight blue levi jeans the world cannot help but stare, but right now I’m giving you the privilege of looking right UP close at me

When walking down town my blue Levis are slightly below my waist, top off – abs out, HOW much attention do you think I get?

If a NORMAL every day guy walked into a store with his top off? Tried to use an every day service topless? He would be made to leave! ME? When my top is off I get treat like a KING!

Each muscle has a different way of getting what I want, and I tell you each way…

I’ve been punishing my body for you, I tweak my entire body around, just for you.

I urge each vein to the skin closer + closer

When going for it I can see your COCK TREMBLING!

When I see your cock trembling, I can’t stop but FORCE the cum out of you.. My JACK off instructions are NEXT to none.

SO Dominating, SO endearing… You will be mesmerised.

As I oil up my body let it drip from my neck all the way down I ask you to help it rub it in while making you cum all over my ALREADY GLISTENING BODY!!

How quickly can I make you CUM? 😉

Full Video 11:35 (Mins:Sec)