My under armour shorts, velvet posers are just a distraction from my absolutely peeled, shredded EXTRA LARGE physique

John boy wanted it to be competition day, on the bodybuilding stage, me rocking the winning physique and John boy cheering like no other in the crowd

My INTENSE vascular strained flexing is like no other…

I get FAR too carried away by not only the amount of oil drizzling down my sexy untouched body but my own reflection

As I see John boy getting HARD.. It just reminds me of my constant need to keep GROWING

I dont contain that growing to set locations.. I demand my PECS to grow

My Biceps, Triceps, Traps, Quads + Back get out shown when my fat musclebound cock begins to grow too..

Before i know it the velvet posers are off and my hard cock is in my hand, a bit unfair for the other contestants no?

Full Video Is 11:15 (Mins:Sec)…