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I love to treat my loved ones for their birthday, birth traps is no exception 😉

Feeling cocky and PUMPED, there’s nothing and no-one can stop me in giving you what we both want.

I explode into most muscular’s that will drive you crazy, I flex each and every one of my muscles and hold them for as long as possible..!

There is no talking when i’m showing off my traps in my most muscular poses, just pure aggression and BABY OIL.

My skin is glistening like an adonis statue, ready to be touched..

Cockiness, aggression, dominance and my sexiness shines through with my panting, moaning and groaning.. mmm!

I give you the ULTIMATE display. With ease my cock is hard, pointing to the sky.

I continue to flex, I pump dumbbells – all with my hard muscle cock showing of for you, before we both have a messy ending 😉