Christmas has passed, most likely full of food – while the majority of the population moan, whine about the excess weight they’ve picked up, the fat they’ve picked up over the extra treats they’ve eaten…

Am i? Fuck no, I dieted all the way up to christmas which means when I ate some extra foods I would not usually, my body just became LARGER and still just as SHREDDED.

I listen to my body when it needs a little bit of extra food, and I gave it that and I present to you one FULL PUMPED MUSCLE GOD!

When I tense I feel BETTER than everyone else, I feel BIGGER than everyone else!

I not only expect people to stare, I LOVE IT!

I want their lips around my muscles, I want YOUR lips around my muscles…

I am EXTREMELY aggressive, cocky and alpha due to the excess food firing straight to my muscles giving me so much SEXUAL POWER.

I am in such a alpha mood, before long you are treat so well, I let you in on a personal secret.

I love my cock and balls to be sucked at the same time, then my cock to get HARD in your mouth

That can be my christmas birthday present from YOU…

And my belated huge cum filled dick can be your belated christmas present from ME!

Full Video 11:57