Straight after a victorious rugby game, still in my lycra which I wear underneath my outfit.

I grab you from the corridor, pull you into my room by surprise.

We are ALONE, closing the door behind me you start to wonder why.. Worried, afraid. No you should be excited 😉

I wanted it to be discrete, I needed a chat with you, I SAW the way you looked at me THROUGHOUT the game.

You start to apologise, but theres no need to be upset, you gave me the boost I NEEDED to turn the game around!

You made me feel like a GOD with your constant cautious looks of admiration from the terrace, but I guess I am in a way right.. A god? A big strong muscle GOD!

I urge you to speak your mind, not let anything go unsaid, tell me EXACTLY what your thinking when your looking at me.. I love it!

I see it in your eyes that you want to get down on your KNEES and look up at me..

So i tell you to do jus that, and by god you not only oblige, you are seriously rewarded 😉

See my gigantic muscular naked frame showing off my amazing arms, chest abs looking down on your with my cocky friendly yet superior grin knowing exactly what i’m going to give you next..

Watch and find out 😉

Full Video 10:21 (Mins:Sec)