19:05 (Mins:Sec)

Captured, brought down over enemy lines just me and you together.

We can’t change what has happened, we can only use what we’ve been given to get out of the situation we have landed in!

Leave the captor to me, I can see his eyes twinkle as soon as he enters our room and spots eyes on my bulging pecs through my tight shirt.

I undo my shirt, show him my sexy fucking abs and hot gorgeous pecs. I always get what I want, no matter where I am, what situation i’m in. I know what has to be done for us to escape.

I see his eyes are focused on my nipples, I can tell he loves my hot juicy nipples so I continue to show off and flex to ultimately seduce him with my pecs and nipples with ease.

I caress my nipples more and more as It begins to work, as soon as I see our captors dick is starting to get hard, I’m willing to make a deal to get us out of here.

I tease him with my cock and nipples for more information, like how did he find us in the first place? We were flying under radar!

I unload the biggest hottest stream of cum which not only frees us all, but also has him blabbing as to how we were brought down!