18:30 (Mins:Sec)

I am going to teach you, show you and allow you into my art of seduction.

It’s about using what you’ve got to your advantage, without going into too much detail its about everything from simple mannerisms, to my best features.

And my best features can be, increased? Lets say by a splash of baby oil, especially when I beg you like the boy next door to rub it in.

When my muscles glisten, you’re eyes sparkle. I’ve got many tools to use, and right now I use them all of you.

As I bounce my shredded pecs I can see you starting to be seduced. It’s about both a show of power and shredded muscle, and letting you feel close to me, close to the hot hunk boy next door.

After the show, it becomes about touching, about feeling, about licking…

I groove, I move and I slowly reveal my wide cock, but of course I tease you with it, I know you always want what you can’t have.

Don’t worry, I give you it all, but there is plenty of cum edging involved in both our dicks.