11:30 (Mins:Sec)

Straight after an intense workout where I have pushed myself to the absolute limit. I don’t need help with motivation often but when i’ve got a slave waiting for me, ready to worship my god like alpha masculine pits – it just gives me that extra boost.

My muscular armpits always give of such strong pheramones after a massive workout like this and I know you will love inhaling it while I make you submit to me.

You can’t resist, you can’t resist to my Alpha male strength never mind my adonis armpits.

It’s not long before I see your cock bubbling wanting to cum for me, but only if you’re a good boy do you get to do that, only if you’ve shown enough admiration for my pits, I might consider you lucky enough.

I make you beg, I make you worship. While I show off what i’ve crafted over the years as I undress little bit little.

IF and its a big IF – you’re a good boy, a good worshipper – I may allow you to cum on my gorgeous abs ad rub it in…