19:17 (Mins:Sec)

I’ve just finished a bodybuilding competition, and of course I fucking won, but I couldn’t of done it without you. Now it’s just me and you in the the pump up room celebrating.

Everyone has gone and it’s just me and you left, you rub down the last bit of my tan while I thank you for all the hard work, support and shouting from the crowds that lead me to my victory!

Your reward of course is none other than my sexy, hot, dominant, aggressive cocky and muscular self.

Its time for my personal rubdown from you, feeling every inch of my frame, I let my power free with my veins popping as I show you the poses I used to win the competition.

Your reward wouldn’t be complete without some naked hard flexing too before I spray my hot cum allover you, it’s just my way of saying thanks 😉