Jerry is held captive and only I and my incredible pecs can save the day..

Luck would have it I would find the henchman that has such a blatant weakness.. And how lucky that it is my greatest strength?

Your trapped, I’m here to SAVE YOU!

The secret behind it is my HOT hot HOT manly juicy pecs, the henchman is so overwhelmed.. He loses control! He ends with nothing..

I know the seduction has to happen slowly, button at a time I reveal my ADONIS frame… How the muscles join together, clearly separated I taunt, seduce and mesmerise you to safety

A mixture of my cocky, confident self is enough, even without bringing my juicy nipples into the equation

He is no match when I bounce my giant pecs and juice my HOT nipples, I have so much control…

Full Video 10:10 (Mins:Sec)