My Favorite Roleplay Yet


There is a crack in one of the water pipes in the kitchen and Josh, the plumber, have been called in to fix it.

The wife and two kids are going out shopping for a hour and the husband is staying to make sure nothing happens.

I try to get under the sink but I’m too muscular to get under there.

And the husband can tell. I flex my biceps because they need to be stretched and loosened up.

Water gets all over the shirt and I have to take it off… I turn around and the husband is eyeballing me.

Apparently I look very fit and well built. I flex a little more. And I can tell the husband is enjoying it . This is strange. He’s married…?

He says he wants to feel my big biceps and pecs are because “he wants to get that big as well”. Strange.

He starts feeling my muscles and running his hand over my chest.

I start liking this!!!..ALOT And I want to show him more. I take off my work trousers and i’m wearing very very revealing underwear!!!!

I tell the husband I need to lube the pipe to take it off and fix it…. But only OIL is available which just ends up All over my muscles

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