Muscle strippers private show

I really wasn’t sure about getting into performing on stage but when I found out a local group of muscle strippers was looking for another member for the team I kind of made a bet with a buddy of mine and had to at least try out for it. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ve got the moves, the body and the cock for it, I just didn’t think performing on stage was my kind of thing.

I went to the office and met the guy who ran the show, his wife was there and she was pretty impressed by me. She was a total cougar and I got that vibe from her that she’d probably jump on me if she had the chance. It was actually pretty funny that she had no idea about her husband, or at least I don’t think she knew what he was into.

When he made some excuse about having to interview me the following night I kinda knew that this wasn’t gonna a normal interview and he was trying to get me in this office without anyone else around. You know I’m down for whatever so I thought I’d go along with it. He had a good body and I was intrigued to see what would happen.

Just as I expected he was alone in the building when I went back the next night and sat down across from him, surrounded by posters of his guys shirtless or wearing little posing pouches. He asked me a few of the basics and then asked me to show off the goods, just so he knew what I could “bring to the team”. Like I said I hadn’t shot a load for a couple of days so my cock was stiff right from the start. I started giving him a show right there in the office, just a few of my muscle poses with a little gyrating thrown in for good measure, taking off my shirt and dropping my jeans. My cock was instantly poking out of my boxers and as soon as he saw it he was groping the shape of his own cock.

By that point I was pretty much done with the whole idea of dancing on stage in front of a crowd but I still had that load in my cock and when he pulled his big meaty dick out and starting stroking it I was down for beating off with him. You guys know I’m always down for shooting a load.

I got naked and watched him stroking his meat, he had a pretty big cock, his foreskin wet with precum while he told me I had a great cock all the girls would love to see on stage. I have my dick some strokes but I was already on the edge.

He started asking me questions about how often I wank, how much cum I can shoot and whether I was into fucking guys and feeding dudes my load. I was so fucking hard hearing that, and telling him in graphic detail about some of the things I’m into, my cock was on the edge when I got closer to him and he told me to squirt my cum out over his shirt.

Just as I aimed my dick and started splashing out one of my biggest loads his cock started squirting too, thick and heavy ropes of jizz flying out of his dick. We were both spraying our loads out all over his white shirt, drenching it with cum. It was almost transparent by the time our dicks stopped unloading.

He called me a couple of days later and offered me the job, which I declined. I think he was surprised, but probably more surprised when I invited him over for a beer that night.

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