In The Big Apple

So i woke up one morning and thought f**k it – I wonder if i can dance in a club? then i decided to take it one step further.. I wonder if I coud LAP dance in a club!! hoo hey! whatdya know ! I could!

I emailed a club called the Adonis Lounge in NYC.  Turns out the owner was excited to have me over!  I did 5 nights at The Adonis , and had a cracking night in each of them… met some top people too who I will remain friends with even after returning to the UK!

I tell you what though.. I got recognised in the middle of manhattan multiple times from my time at livemuscleshow.. and that was a scary moment!  I didn’t know where to look!  Totally was not expecting that – little Yorkshire-man getting recognised in my first trip to a proper city!!

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