We all have our roles in life. We all have our roles at work and at play. We all have our roles in relationships. It’s in our DNA as to which role we adopt. Leaders and followers. Bosses and workers. Alpha and Omega. Dominant and submissive. When you look at JOSHUA ARMSTRONG it’s pretty obvious as to which way the coin turns! This body, these muscles, this attitude…it all screams “MASTER” and you all love [...]

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CONTROL. POWER. DOMINATION. To an alpha male like me these words describe how I am in every aspect of my life. In and out of the gym, in and out of the bedroom… I am the one who has the strength and tenacity to do whatever I want to do and to get whatever I want to get. This incredible body is my biggest tool and I use it to do what the fuck I [...]

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Aggression, domination and poppers breath control

Just take a look at the title of this new video. It’s funny how the first two words come up with amazing regularity in your emails to me! The third - well, that can be the perfect tool to implement the first two and believe me, it enhances every feeling I get when I’m taking charge in my usual JOSHUA ARMSTRONG way! I know you’re not surprised as I know that’s one of the reasons [...]

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