A very spicy video for sunday my members.. thank you as always!! This will remain members only, it will not go to the shop. I believe it is a bank holiday in the USA but back to business as usual for the UK! Still drinking water like a camel loading up his hump.. Feeling more shredded every day.. Found time to Veet (remove chest and ab hair) today but didn't have time to go [...]

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Cummy Pants…

I am currently running a water manipulation, (if you wanna shift some weight - and dry out, give it a read but it requires dedication.. I posted the routine in the members area :) Now now.. Spence wanted a naughty video and a pair of undies to go with... 3 Loads into the back of the boxers.. The final one straight after this video my own verbal got me going so much.. Never mind the [...]

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