Cant Stop Growing…. EVERYWHERE ;)

I'm going to tease you all with my friday release.. Its again boundaries pushed further.. can't help myself i just want to please.. Hard core pumping up.. Each rep I am grunting louder I order my biceps around and tell them grow as I pump even more.  I admire my perfection in a mirror... some bis, triceps, most Musculars... Topped off with Intense flexing, grunting, teeth grinding like a muscle beast.   I become so [...]

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I am that boy next door :).. Naked boy next door that is…

The water is dropping..see Instagram and my Snapchats to see the water drop it will keep dropping while i keep the water intake high...lets push for it baby no pain..up at daft o'clock to punish my body... Get motived..You feel better in yourself ... Join me :).. I hope your 2015 is going well.. I had a rocky start a little poorly but pushed through :) Remastered in my transcoder for you tonight :) I [...]

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